St Philip’s 2015 Annual Report

From the Vicar’s Annual Report – 2015

“It is with great pleasure that I present to the parish my first annual report at St Philip’s Mount Waverley.

Much has happened over the nearly 9 months that I have been with St Philip’s, and I thank God for the opportunities and blessings which have been apparent. It was particularly special to commence my ministry with you on Ash Wednesday , and for us as a community to travel, and get to know one another, through the Lenten journey and the holy days leading up to Easter.”

“Parish online communication:

Online ministry, particularly Facebook and other social media, offer us new opportunities for outreach and evangelism in the community. We have an online community of around 110 followers on Facebook and this is a way for people to stay connected to the parish and events through this new media.

Outreach into the local community:

St Philip’s is an active church in our local community, which includes a number of fundraisers and events throughout the year. Much effort has been put in by many members of the parish with the Street Stalls, Bunnings BBQ, Parish Fete, Music and Supper Evening and the Curry and Trivia night. The Craft Group, Morning Coffee Group, Inter-Church Council, and the Ladies Fellowship are also initiatives that reach out into the local community, connecting with many people that the church would not otherwise reach. I wish to thank all of those involved in these vibrant and valuable ministries. I also look forward to exploring new ways for us to witness to Christ and reach out to those in Mt Waverley.

I have continued with our regular monthly services in residential facilities including Bellview and Oakern Lodge, and I am thankful to a number of parishioners who assist with these ministries and make them possible……My intention over the next year is that the Monash University ministry will continue to add new opportunities for parish outreach within the community, and I am currently exploring the opportunity of basing a project at St Philip’s to support and connect with international students in the area.”

” I look forward to the year ahead at St Philip’s, as we work together, strengthened by the Archbishop’s charge, ‘to make the Word of God fully known’ in Mount Waverley.

Fr Jeremy Morgan

Priest in Charge.