Jeremy Morgan is the Anglican Chaplain to Monash University.

Eucharist is held each Monday at 1pm in the small Chapel at the Religious Centre. ALL WELCOME

RUMOURS OF GOD – Discussion group

‘Rumours are everywhere. Rumours can be fun, intriguing, or sometimes worrying. All rumours need checking and verification.

Have you heard any rumours of God? The rumour that God made everything, the rumour that God cares about humankind, the particularly scandalous rumour that God became one of us, the rumour that God is dead? You are invited to join us in a Christian venture into the credibility of God. Our conversation will look at the philosophy of CS Lewis, Peter Kreeft and other contemporary authors, on the rationality of the concept of God, the immortality of the human soul and ethics in a changing society.

Atheists, sceptics, seekers and believers of all persuasions are welcome.’

Religious Centre, Room G11A, 1.30-2.30pm Mondays