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Policies, Procedures, Reports

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Child safety

St Philips is deeply committed to child (and all people’s) safety, so we seek to keep complying with the Victorian child safe standards for organisations, from governance level to child involvement. Every leader does training units designed by an independent provider to the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. Level 1 training is mandatory for all leaders, while those who work with children do both levels 1 and 2. We have an appointed child safety officer and family safety coordinator, who assists in overseeing all we do from the children and families safety perspective.

All personnel of St Philips are responsible for supporting the safety, participation, wellbeing and empowerment of children by adhering to the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Child Safe Code of Conduct and Child Safe Policy.


At access all links, policies and updated documents, please head the to ADOM Safe Ministry website.

If you have any further questions contact our Family & Child Safety Officer:
Barb on 0428 228 101.

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